Carefully selected, seasonal and festive fragrances selected and tested by me, created for you!!

Soja (Soy) Bougie (Candle), yep, it's a funny sounding name, a collaborative name picked by our friends and family when we first started making small batches of candles and using everyone to help us craft the candles and scents you see and smell today. I truly hope you enjoy my candles and they help you escape from the day to day stresses. We only use Natural Soy Wax, Premium Grade Scents and Essential Oils for our candles.

I decided to pursue my hobby of candle making as a way to express myself and give people something to enjoy and escape the day to day stresses. I completely get it, I have 3 young children and a 4th one coming, but I wouldn't have it any other way. When the kids go to sleep, I enjoy getting away and relaxing while making my candles. It also gives me some occasional time with my husband who enjoys assisting with the process. We strive to provide you with an exceptional purchase experience and an even better experience burning our candles. Your feedback and recommendations are always appreciated and helpful.
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